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Policies and Guidelines: Fees and Fines

Fees and Fines

Overdue Fines
Books: $.10 per day to a maximum of $5.00.

Videos: $3.00 per day to a maximum of $9.00.

Items overdue more than 50 days will be considered lost and you will be billed either the current retail price, or a fixed replacement cost of $59.99 for out of print titles. In addition, there will be a restocking fee of $15.00 per title. Please note that once a lost book has been paid for there are no refunds unless the book is found and returned the same day as payment.

The library may, at the Circulation Supervisor's discretion, refuse the return of books which have been damaged and charge the patron for replacement.Faculty are not charged daily fines or restocking fees, but are expected to compensate the library for the cost of any lost or damaged materials. Faculty with overdue materials will be blocked from most library services.


Overdue notices are mailed out approximately one week after an item is due. Notices are a courtesy. A book is considered overdue the day after the due date, regardless what date a notice was mailed. You are responsible for any overdue fines even if you do not receive an overdue notice.  Please be sure to notify Circulation if your address ever changes.

Blocks on your Record

Your library record will be blocked, and you will be prevented from checking out materials and remotely accessing the online databases, for any of the following:

  • Fines, fees, or overdue items on your account
  • Missing or incorrect information on your registration form, or returned mail
  • Expired account (your library record must be updated yearly)
  • Notes from the library staff about special situations or problems

These blocks will be removed when any outstanding items are returned and fines or fees are paid. Please be aware that lost books or outstanding fines may prevent you from registering, getting a transcript, or receiving a diploma. You may call the Circulation Desk at (718) 488-1338 for information on any blocks associated with your record.