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Policies and Guidelines: Computer and Equipment Use

Computer Use

The library offers computing resources to the students, faculty and staff of the university. These resources include the Internet, library catalog, online databases and other resources. These resources are offered in keeping with the library’s stated mission of"providing access to collections and services in support of curricula and programs of Long Island University's Brooklyn Campus."

Other computer programs, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, are available on the Library's public workstations on all floors, including the Reference Room, the Periodicals Reading Room and the Cyber Lab.

In addition to the policy outlined below, the library strictly adheres to LIU IT Policies.

Proper Use of Library Computing Resources

  • Each computer may be used only for the specific purposes for which it is designated.•Use of personal software on library computers is prohibited.
  • No changes to the computer settings are allowed.
  • Use of the library's computers is on a first-come, first-served basis and a time limit may be set if too many users are waiting.
  • Printing from library computers costs ten cents per page. Printing procedures are posted next to the database computers.
  • In offering Internet access, LIU cannot guarantee that information found through the Internet is accurate, authoritative or factual. Be advised that the Internet is a very dynamic medium, and access points may change at any time without notice. Be aware that the Internet is unregulated and materials accessible through it may be outdated, biased, inappropriate or offensive. Caution is advised when sending personal information such as your name, address, social security number or credit card number over the Internet.

Violation of University/Library Computing Policies

  • The university may take disciplinary and/or legal action against an individual who violates any of its computing policies.
  • The library may temporarily or permanently suspend an individual's use of library computing facilities. Generally, a person violating the policies for the first time will have his/her computing privileges suspended for two weeks. A second violation will result in a suspension of computing privileges for the semester. Such suspensions may be imposed regardless of any computer-related course work the student may have. Hence, students should be aware that a suspension of computing privileges may have serious academic consequences.