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Policies and Guidelines: Access to Other Libraries in NYC

The Academic Libraries of Brooklyn (ALB)

The Academic Libraries of Brooklyn (ALB)

LIU is a member of the ALB, an organization of eight Brooklyn-based college libraries. Students, faculty and staff of any ALB institution are eligible to visit and study at, use the resources of and borrow materials from any of the ALB libraries. There is a checkout limit of two books per institution.  All rules and regulations of the host library should be followed. You must present your current LIU ID card and a current ALB card when you visit an ALB library. You may request your free ALB card at the Circulation Desk on the fifth floor of the Library Learning Center (LLC). You must request a new ALB card every semester.

In addition to LIU, the members of ALB are:

​​Before you visit, it’s a good idea to check the library’s website for special hours or restrictions.