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Media Center: Videos and More


The Media Center has an extensive collection that includes thousands of individual videos and DVDs. These items are searchable via the library catalog.

Items in the circulating video collection may be borrowed by any member of the LIU community who has a valid LIU ID.  Visitors from other institutions with proper documentation may use these items on-site.

The undergraduate and staff borrowing period is three days; faculty and graduate students may check items out for a week. Overdue fines are $1.00 per day, per video. Learn more about library circulation policies here.

We also have a small restricted collection of special items that can only be checked out by faculty and graduate students. Any library patron, however, may watch these restricted videos at one of our on-site viewing stations.

The materials in our collection are intended for educational use. Patrons may check items out for home viewing or for screening in a credit-bearing class. Unfortunately, copyright law prohibits the use of library videos for extracurricular screenings or events.

Streaming Video

In addition to making thousands of individual videos and DVDs available for borrowing or on-site viewing, the LIU Media Center also offers streaming audio and video databases. Members of the LIU community who are registered library users may access these databases from off-campus.

Media Purchase Request Form

Are we missing something? Faculty can request new titles with this Media Purchase Request Form.