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Circulation Department: Reserves

Reserves Service

Reserves are materials, both library- and faculty-owned, which professors have set aside for students’ use, and may not be checked out. Reserve books may only be used within the Circulation Department, and reserve videos may only be watched at the Media Center viewing stations.

Students may request reserve books at the Circulation Desk, and reserve videos at the Media Center. To use materials that are on reserve, you must have a valid LIU ID card and library account. Reserves are not available for use by alumni or ALB cardholders. You must know the title of the book or video you are requesting. A list of all books on reserve is located at the Circulation Desk.

In addition, some professors make individual articles available online for their students. For more information, see Electronic Reserves. For faculty seeking to place items on reserve, see Placing Items On Reserve.

Electronic Reserves (ERes)

Electronic reserves are digital versions of the reserve readings many instructors may already be providing for their students through the Circulation Department of the library.  Documents such as handouts, tests, and articles are made available to students through ERes.

ERes allows students to have access to reserve materials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Students can access materials eitheron- or off-campus.  They can read documents online, save them to their home computer, or print them out for later reference.

ERes also allows instructors to have greater control over the materials they have on reserve.  Instructors can request that documents have limited visibility dates allowing them to post time-sensitive information.  ERes also offers a variety of options for organizing documents.  Documents can be archived in the system for use in future semesters, saving time and storage space.

Students can find ERes documents by searching their course number or instructor’s name in the library catalog. If there is a password associated with the documents, it will be provided by the instructor.

Place An Item On Reserve

Reserving Print Materials: Instructions for Faculty

Instructors should bring all books, articles, or packets to be placed on reserve to the Circulation Desk on the fifth floor of the Library Learning Center. They will be asked to fill out a form specifying the course(s) and semester(s) for which the materials will be reserved.

For electronic reserves (ERes) instructors may provide electronic files in .doc, .pdf, or .ppt format. Instructors may also bring hard copies of articles which our staff can scan into .pdf format. Please keep in mind when bringing articles to be scanned, we often have a long queue of materials at the beginning of each semester, and scanning takes time. If your articles are time-sensitive, please bring them to us as early as possible.

You will also need the following forms (below):

1.Request to Create or Update A Course Form

This form must be filled out completely for each individual course. This is a pdf form, which may be filled out in Acrobat (click on the Name field to begin, then use the mouse or tab key to move from field to field) and then printed, or printed and filled out by hand.  Completed forms may be dropped off at or sent to the Circulation Department, fifth floor LLC by campus mail.

2.Course Reserve Form for Articles and Packets

This form must be filled out completely, with complete bibliographic information for each article, chapter, and document you would like to place on your ERes course page.

3.Copyright and Course Reserves [link to: CopyrightandCourseReserves.pdf]

This is a brief guide to copyright law and electronic reserves. Please review before submitting articles.

4.Copyright Permission Letter – Articles [link to: CopyrightPermissionletter-articles.pdf]

  Copyright Permission Letter – Chapters [link to: CopyrightPermissionletter-chapters.pdf]

These form letters are used to request permission from the copyright holder(s) of an article or book chapter. Permission must be obtained for any article placed on reserve for more than one semester, or when more than one chapter or article from the same book or issue of a journal is reserved during one semester. These forms should be filled out and printed on LIU letterhead, and sent to the publisher or rights holder of a work. Once the form has been signed by the publisher or rights holder it must be submitted to the Circulation Desk.


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