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Theses and Dissertations: Submitting Your Thesis

Thesis Requirements

Thesis Requirements (Revised)

Great news! Staring Spring 2021, the thesis digitization fee has been waived as the Library submits the theses electronically to the ProQuest thesis and dissertation publishing service.

Please start the submission process early. It takes time to review your submission. Obtaining the signatures of your Committee Chair and members is essential. 

Please check your email after you submit your thesis or dissertation to until you receive a confirmation that your submission is complete. 

Master's candidates must meet their departmental thesis requirements in order to receive their degree. Candidates do not need to pay the Bursar for thesis digitization anymore. Optionally, additional payments are required for copyright registration, open-access publishing, and bound thesis copies via the ProQuest forms and instructions packet.

PART One -- Electronic Submission and Digitization

You must submit the following electronically to the Library's designated email account:

A) The final PDF of the thesis with a Title page that contains required names but no signatures from the department

B) The Title page with required signatures from the department; signatures can be electronic if needed.

C) One extra PDF copy of the Abstract

D) The required forms with the student's signatures (see Part Two)

Note: Ensure the copy you submit is of high quality, with crisp, dark black characters for the best scanned copy.

Part Two -- Thesis Forms

Part Three -- Bound Copies

ProQuest provides an option to order bound copies of the thesis. Students may also find other vendors that provide bound copies of the thesis.

*All Master’s candidates: If a student wants to receive personal copy/copies of the thesis through ProQuest, please wait until the thesis has been digitized and published via a link from ProQuest.