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A bibliography of LIU Brooklyn faculty, staff, and student publications

Discovery Days 2023

Discovery Day 2023

April 25, 2023

Bibliography of LIU Brooklyn Campus Faculty, Staff, and Student Publications

Authors’ names in bold indicate affiliation with LIU at the time of publication


Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Cusumano, J. A., Funk, O., Defrank, A., Lerner, P., Tanprayoon, M., Vasa, C., & Mazo, D. (2022). The role of an infectious diseases faculty pharmacist and pharmacy students on an antimicrobial stewardship team at a community non-teaching hospital. Journal Pharmacy Practice. https://doi:10.1177/08971900221134648

Dave, A., Park, E.-J., Kumar, A., Parande, F., Beyo─člu, D., Idle, J. R., & Pezzuto, J. M. (2022). Consumption of Grapes Modulates Gene Expression, Reduces Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, and Extends Longevity in Female C57BL/6J Mice Provided with a High-Fat Western-Pattern Diet. Foods, 11(13), 1984.

Parupathi, P., Campanelli, G., Deabel, R. A., Puaar, A., Devarakonda, L. S., Kumar, A., & Levenson, A. S. (2022). Gnetin C Intercepts MTA1-Associated Neoplastic Progression in Prostate Cancer. Cancers, 14(24), 6038.

Yang, J., Das, B. C., Aljitawi, O., Kumar, A., Das, S., & Van Veldhuizen, P. (2022). Magmas Inhibition in Prostate Cancer: A Novel Target for Treatment-Resistant Disease. Cancers, 14(11), 2732.

Conolly College of Liberal Arts

Hahn, O. (2021). Poemas Selectos / Selected Poems. (G. J. Racz, Trans.). Nueva York Poetry Press.

Lopez-Luaces, M. (2022). Architects of the Imaginary, (G. J. Racz, Trans.). Gival Press.

Mutnick, D. (2022). Afterword. In S. Rutkowski (Ed.), Rewriting America: New Essays on the Federal Writers’ Project (pp. 243-250). University of Massachusetts Press.

Mutnick, D. (2023). Flatbush Eats: Lessons about Food from a Community History Project. In E. E. Schell, D. Winslow, and P. Shrestha (Eds.), Food Justice Activism and Pedagogies: Literacies and Rhetorics for Transforming Food Systems in Local and Transnational Contexts (pp. 51-69). Lexington Books.

Mutnick, D. (2023). Making Our Own History: Urban Sustainability in a World in Crisis. In D. Mutnick, M. Cuonzo, C. Griffiths, T. Leslie, and J. M. Shuttleworth (Eds.), The City Is an Ecosystem: Sustainable Education, Policy, and Practices (pp. 116-128). Routledge.

Mutnick, D. (2022). “Shadows of Tragic Premonition”: The Native Son and the Federal Writers’ Project. In S. Rutkowski (Ed.), Rewriting America: New Essays on the Federal Writers’ Project (pp. 73-92). University of Massachusetts Press.

Mutnick, D., Cuonzo, M., Griffiths, C., Leslie, T., & Shuttleworth, J. M. (Eds.). (2022). The City is an Ecosystem: Sustainable Education, Policy, and Practice. Taylor & Francis.

School of Business

Minowa, Y. & Belk, R. (2022). Gifts and Agency: A History of Cultural Diffusion. Japan Marketing History Review, 1(1), 171- 185.

Minowa, Y. & Belk, R. (2022). Consumer Culture Theory in Asia: History and Contemporary Issues. Routledge.

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