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Archives and Special Collections Department: Zines

The Zine Collection

LIU Brooklyn Library has created a new Zine, Chapbook, and Pamphlet Special Collection of contemporary "Do-It-Yourself" or "DIY" publications, self-published by people with a strong desire to communicate utilizing print booklet forms. Zines (rhymes with "beans") and pamphlets are forms of alternative press, with a history dating back to Thomas Paine's Common Sense pamphlet, which spurred on the American Revolution. Providing alternative points of view, Zine collections have been established in many libraries. Our collection is unique because in addition to zines, its primary focus, the collection includes chapbooks and pamphlets. 

In general, zines are personal expressions, often similar to a diary or journal; chapbooks are literary, often featuring poetry; and pamphlets are political. Zine makers share with bloggers the desire to be heard and understood, but "zinesters" are committed to the print format, with its tactile appeal and endless possibilities.


For more information about the Zine Collection, please contact:

Katelyn Angell, 718 488 1315,