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Library Liaisons: Home


The LIU Brooklyn Library has a liaison system aiming to assist with the library's collection development efforts and establish an ongoing partnership with teaching faculty. The library collection is developed through a liaison system comprised of subject bibliographers and guided by the Collection Development Policy which is regularly updated to reflect changes in the curriculum.

Conolly College

Program/Subject Area Library Faculty
English Susan Thomas
Foreign languages and Literature Rachel King
Philosophy Susan Thomas
Biology Patricia Keogh
Biochemistry/Chemistry Emily Drabinski
Mathematics Emily Drabinski
Physics Patricia Keogh
Social Sciences
Anthropology Edward Keane
Economics Emily Drabinski
History Julia Bock
Latin American and Caribbean Studies Emily Drabinski
Political Science Emily Drabinski
Psychology Katelyn Angell
Sociology Katelyn Angell
United Nations Emily Drabinski
Urban Studies Emily Drabinski
Communications, Visual and Performing Arts
Dance Constance Woo
Journalism  Rachel King
Media Arts Rachel King
Music Rachel King
Visual Arts Susan Thomas
Writing and Producing for Television Rachel King

Global College

LIU Global Emily Drabinski
Global Studies  
International Relations  
World Arts and Culture  

School of Business, Public Administration and Information Sciences

Business Eamon Tewell
Fashion Merchandising  
Human Resource Management  
Sports Management  
Information Sciences Ingrid Wang
Computer Science  
Public Administration Martin Zimerman
Health Care Management  
Public Administration  

School of Education

School of Education Tamara Townsend
Teaching, Learning, and Leadership  
Adolescence/Middle Childhood Urban Education  
Adolescence Urban Education  
Childhood Urban Education  
Teacher of Visual Arts in Urban Schools  
Teacher of Physical Education in Urban Schools  
Counseling and School Psychology  
Applied Behavior Analysis  
Bilingual School Counseling  
Marriage and Family Therapy  
Mental Health Counseling  
School Counseling  
School Psychology  

School of Continuing Education/Certificate Programs

School of Continuing Education/Certificate Programs Emily Drablinski
Accounting and Taxation  
Building Construction  
Central Service Technology  
Surgical Technology  
United Nations  
Vascular Technology  

School of Nursing

School of Nursing Katelyn Angell (Coll Dev: Charles Guarria / Julia Bock)
Adult Nurse Practitioner  
Executive Program for Nursing and Health Care Management  
Family Nurse Practitioner  
Geriatric Nurse Practitioner  
Nurse Educator  
R.N. Connection Program (for Registered Nurses)  

School of Pharmacy

School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Edward Keane (Coll. Dev.: Charles Guarria / Julia Bock)
Drug Regulatory Affairs  
Pharmaceutics (Ph.D./M.S.)  
Professional Program (Pharm.D.)  

School of Health Professions

Athletic Training, Health and Exercise Science Charles Guarria
Communication Sciences and Disorders Eamon Tewell (Coll. Dev.: Charles Guarria / Julia Bock)
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Tamara Townsend (Coll. Dev.: Charles Guarria / Julia Bock)
Fitness and Wellness Tamara Townsend (Coll. Dev.: Charles Guarria)
Health Sciences Susan Thomas (Coll. Dev.: Charles Guarria)
Occupational Therapy Susan Thomas (Coll. Dev.: Charles Guarria)
Physical Therapy Charles Guarria
Physician Assistant  Rachel King (Coll. Dev.: Charles Guarria / Julia Bock)
Public Health Tamara Townsend (Coll. Dev.: Charles Guarria / Julia Bock)
Social Work Rachel King (Coll. Dev.: Charles Guarria)
Speech Language Pathology Eamon Tewell (Coll. Dev.: Charles Guarria)
Sports Management Charles Guarria
Surgical Technician  Tamara Townsend (Coll. Dev.: Charles Guarria)
Respiratory Care Tamara Townsend (Coll. Dev.: Charles Guarria)