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Guide to the Media Center: What you can (and cannot) do with our videos

Find what you need in LIU Brooklyn's Library Media Center

What we think about Netflix

We love Netflix. Of course!

That said, we don't recommend that instructors use Netflix in their classes. Although copyright law allows videos to be used in face-to-face teaching, that legal provision can be superseded by a contract. All Netflix customers sign a contract—that is, a user agreement—that stipulates that all Netflix videos are for personal use only. This restriction applies to both Netflix's DVD-by-mail service as well as its streaming service.

This article explains why our Media Center doesn't subscribe to Netflix. We recommend that instructors order videos for classroom use from us, rather than getting them via Netflix. Initially, it won't be as quick as Netflix—please allow at least a month for the processing of a request. Once we have the video, however, an instructor can put it on reserve, which will mean that it will be accessible at all times. (No need to wait for it to arrive in the mail!)

Copyright and fair use FAQs

Helpful links

Want to learn more about copyright and fair use? Check out these useful links: